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Perplexy is for those who love a challenge. They say puzzles are to the mind what exercise is to the body. So get ready to work out your grey matter and solve puzzles.GAMEPLAY:Questions start out easy and get progressively harder. Questions either have multiple options to choose from or you have to pick from some given letters to fill into the answer. There are three categories. Logic puzzles will test your logic and problem solving skills. Riddles will test your lateral thinking and imagination. Number sequences will test your mathematics and pattern searching.You start out with three unlocked questions in each category. Every question you answer unlocks another question. Answering the question wrong locks the question. You can pay virtual coins to unlock questions and hints. You gain coins for every right answer or on watching an ad. Example Questions:How many squares are there on a chessboard? What is it that no man wants to have, but no man wants to lose?3,4,6,8,12,14,18,20,?Perplexy comes with a elegant UI and a friendly character to help you solve the questions and explain the solutions. You can use the slate to work out the solutions or to doodle while thinking. You can also bookmark your favourite questions. The application uses Google Analytics for recording of user events to improve the content and design of the application. For more details look at the privacy policy.ATTRIBUTIONS:Freepik: Several images and graphics used in the application are created by authors at You can visit the site here www.freepik.comIcons8
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